Shirt Stock Printing for Businesses and Groups!

A uniform appearance makes your employees look more professional but there are other occasions where you want to have shirts printed for a group. Wheelhouse Print and Design, your professional printing and graphics experts in Kingsport, want to explain more about our shirt stock printing services.


Stock Printing—A Great Fit

It’s natural for a business owner to create a unified appearance for their staff, but there are many events and scenarios where stock printing shirts can be a good choice.

Wearing the same shirt on a field trip can make large groups of children easily recognizable even in large crowds.

Perhaps your bridal party wants to celebrate the occasion with matching shirts. Volunteers for a church event or scouting outing also call for prominent, visible, identical attire to be visible during your event.


You also may be interested in shirt stock printing for any of the following:

-Business Professionals (roofers, plumbers, laborers, lawn care, landscaping, electricians, restaurants employees, or private business of any kind)

-Sports Teams (from recreational company basketball shirts to youth baseball uniforms or even cheerleading carwash events)

-Large Groups (anything from shirts to sell for your privately owned gym all the way to scouting troop T-shirts for parents)

-Special Occasions (Reunions, weddings, graduations, the anniversary of group events, multi-family or friends traveling)



Our Stock Printing and Ordering

 It can be hard to know exactly how many shirts you may need. Ordering sizes can be tricky, also. Once you finally do order shirts to create a consistent appearance, there may be changes. You may have a switch on your bridal party. Perhaps an employee had to be let go. You never have to let those day-to-day life variables put a crook in your plans, with Wheelhouse Print and Design.

Why? After you’ve placed your first order, we can keep your art on file. Any additional orders you have to place we can offer a turnaround of three days or less. That speedy reprint of your custom shirt will be priced the same as your previous run of printed attire. That means discounts on bulk and no up-charge for the reprinted item. Shirt colors can even be changed, so long as the graphic on file will remain visible in that color.

No matter the group, Wheelhouse Print, and Design are able to reprint your custom shirts from the graphic of your previously made stock. You can count on our ability to screen print, sublimation dye, or in general are-print any stock shirts you’ve previously ordered. Whether you’re looking for a change in the base color or needing to replace a previously purchased shirt, or just in need of additional garments, we have got you covered.

Wheelhouse Print and Design is a specialty printing and design company based out of Kingsport, TN. However, we will gladly ship your creation anywhere it is needed for original printings or reprints of previous stock. Our company offers discounts to churches, traveling baseball teams or organizations, and school groups. Ask about our discounts. Just call us at (423) 765-9255 or contact us online.