T-shirts for your next event or family function

T-shirts for your next event or family function

Do you have an event coming up, but feel like it needs a certain something to be extra special? Matching or customized T-shirts are one of the best ways to make everyone at an event feel appreciated. It also helps to commemorate a moment in your social group, co-workers, or family life. Customized T-shirts are only growing in popularity because they can be used for such a wide variety of events. Wheelhouse Print & Design wants to tell you about the types of events where you should consider having us create a custom T-shirt for you.

7 Events Where Custom Shirts Can Be a Great Idea


Weddings: Whether it’s as a gift for groomsmen or bridesmaids, intended for the bachelor/bachelorette party, or going in guests’ goody bags, custom T-shirts are ideal for weddings. You can make them funny for the individual, create separate teams for the bride and groom, or to match the wedding theme, just to give you a few ideas.


Corporate Events: A workplace t-shirt doesn’t necessarily sound exciting, but you can have them separated by department, or even inspired by popular culture. Maybe T-shirts aren’t ideal for your workplace. Then you should consider hats, pins, totes, or even a pen. If you’re having a company picnic in the summer, a company hat could provide protection and is a way to show employees that you care.


Class Reunion: Ahhh, high school. It was the best of times; it was the worst of times. Class reunions don’t come around all that often, so commemorating then with custom T-shirts is a great way to make a reunion a memorable event. Looking for a fun and funky way to truly commemorate the event? Have each of your peers’ high school picture re-printed on their shirt.


Fundraisers & Charities: Whether your cause is cancer awareness, raising money for a school, gathering for a family in crisis, or helping children in need, your fundraiser looks to encourage people to donate. In order to leave a long-term, lasting impression on those who attend, and to thank them for their charitable acts, you can have T-shirts made. This will leave them with a physical version of the impact they made with their generosity.


Spring Or Winter Sporting Events: Sports enthusiasm is unbeatable. Whether it’s tailgating for a college game, attending a watch party at a friend’s house, or gathering the gang for a local event, nothing will beat having custom team gear to show your support.


Family Reunion: Family means everything to a lot of us, but as our lives change, it can be hard to stay in touch. Family reunions are a reason to celebrate. These memories aren’t as easy to come by as they used to be. That’s why a family T-shirt or gag shirts for your relatives can really help to commemorate this event.


Birthday Celebrations: Whether you are young or old, everyone loves a birthday celebration. 

Maybe you want to go the comical route with personalized party shirts to mock an aging friend or celebrate a monumental age milestone. Either way, a birthday-related shirt can be an unexpected treat.


Custom T-shirt Printing and Design in Kingsport 

Broad Street, located in the heart of downtown Kingsport, only has one shop that can custom design and print T-shirts for your upcoming event: Wheelhouse Print and Design. That’s how we know that we are the company for you if you’re looking to have custom T-shirts made for your upcoming event—whether it’s happening in the Tri-Cities or anywhere in the United States. To get a quote on your T-shirt project, contact Wheelhouse Print and Design by calling (423) 765-9255.