Use Dye Sublimation for Your Professional Garment Needs!

Professionally made shirts make a big difference for any group—whether it’s employees or volunteers for a non-profit. If you’re looking for something affordable that’s also made to last, then dye sublimation is the ideal option for you. Your custom printing and graphics company in Kingsport at Wheelhouse Print And Design wants to explain dye sublimation garments, our process, and the benefits.

Our Dye Sublimation Process

The dye sublimation process employs pigments that are specifically created for plastics or polyesters to bond with your chosen material.

First, we customize a graphic or image onto sublimation paper for your product. We can work with a provided image, or design something for you.

Next, our printed sheet is laid face down onto your product. We will heat press the sublimation sheet. During the sublimation process, the dyes in the printed image will turn into a gas, then back into a liquid. This fusing process creates a permanent bond in which the dyes actually become part of your garments or chosen products.

Dye sublimation was originally developed to print on plastic parts and items for awards or specialty printed items for industry needs. Today, the sublimation process uses digital printing to penetrate and customize a wide variety of materials. Materials like those listed below can be customized by Wheelhouse Print & Design to suits your needs best:



Ceramics (including mugs)

Metal items

Glass products

Wooden items

Uses of Dye Sublimation


Dye sublimation can be great for a variety of needs. It can truly be a great fit for anyone. Cost-effective, enduring, and appropriate garments can be hard to find for any type of company or organization—especially for those who spend significant time outdoors. Working outside in the elements as landscaping professional, lawn care specialists, construction or laborers, surveyors, and car detailing just to name a few means you’re exposed to rain, sun, sweat and other elements that create additional wear and tear on garments. In any of these businesses, dye sublimation is the best choice for work shirts.

Benefits of Dye Sublimation

Easily customized

Light to the touch and in weight

High-quality imagery

Permanent (won’t peel or unnaturally fade)

Eco-friendly (produces zero waste)

Dye Sublimation in Kingsport

If you own a business, the attire of your employees creates a crucial first impression. If the members of your team don’t have a consistent and clean-cut image they can not portray a positive representation of your business or non-profit. Wheelhouse Print and Design, your premier Kingsport-based graphics company, can transport your dye sublimated product to any location. Call Wheelhouse Print & Design at (423) 963-3693 or contact us online for any of your custom garment needs.