When’s the right time to order uniforms for your sports team? 

When’s the right time to order uniforms for your sports team?

Spring is almost here, and the spring season already is getting underway. Whether it’s baseball, softball, tennis, lacrosse, soccer, golf or track and field, they all have one thing in common—those athletes all need uniforms. When you’re looking to have team uniforms made, there are a few factors to consider. Read on as the custom printing professionals in Kingsport at Wheelhouse Print and Design want to explain the importance of timing when ordering custom uniforms.


The Early Bird Gets the Uniform 

Although we strive to complete all projects within a two-week turnaround, we urge most people to order early if looking to have printing or graphic design work completed by a specific date. This is an especially important rule when you want to have sports uniforms, shirts, or accessories complete. In our professional opinion, there are three major considerations when having your sports materials printed or designed:


Three Best Reasons to Order Early 

  1. As a printing company that specializes in sports uniforms, we get a lot of orders right before spring sports starts. If we get crushed under the weight of four or five baseball apparel orders, you might be waiting until after opening day to receive your jerseys and uniforms.
  2. When ordering uniforms, jerseys, or shirts, you can easily add on associated equipment prints or designs for your sports team or player. We can print hats, helmets, bats, gloves, or racket cover as part of an order that was placed in advance.
  3. The reason uniforms became adopted in all major team sports was to create a sense of unity and equality among players. If one child’s uniform wasn’t ordered in their size or they hit a sudden growth spurt, then that individual can be left not feeling like part of the team. If uniforms are ordered early, any issue with a garment can be quickly adjusted, and your team will look more unified. 


Help! I Forgot to Order Early!

We don’t want you to think hope is lost just because you didn’t know how early you’d need to get uniforms. If you didn’t order early, don’t fear. Because travel and high school teams are getting ready to start their seasons now, we can file and complete new uniform orders quickly.


Uniform Printing and Design in Kingsport  

Athletes, parents, and coaches want to represent their team. Uniforms and other team-themed gear help create a sense of organization, equality, unity, and order for your team. If you want to get started early on any of your sporting apparel, no matter the season, you should contact Wheelhouse Print and Design at (423) 963-3693. Our offices are located in Kingsport, TN, but we can ship your printed materials to any location you need.